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  • Student Collaborations for Industry Solutions

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  • Research and Innovation Solutions

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  • Business Start-up and Scale-Up Solutions

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  • Funding Opportunities

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  • Corporate Training and Professional Development

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  • Program Advising

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  • Networking Opportunities

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  • Guest Speaking

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  • International Partnerships

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Access to Student Talent

Co-op Students

Centennial College offers over 45 comprehensive co-op programs in the fields of Business, Engineering Technologies, Applied Sciences, and Transportation. The co-op program gives our students a chance to gain meaningful work experience locally, nationally and globally while allowing you to fill short-term staffing needs and assess potential full-time employees.

Organizations that offer paid co-op opportunities may be eligible for the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit (up to $3000 per student for each co-op work term may be claimed).

Our students are available year-round (winter, summer and fall) for four-month assignments. We can often accommodate longer term needs as well.

Field Placement Students

By hiring a field placement student, you can help Centennial College better train and equip students with the skills and professionalism they need to succeed in your industry. Depending on the program, field placements typically require students to complete an unpaid 8-12 week placement. Field placements are offered from a range of College programs including: Community and Health Studies; Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts; Communications, Media, Arts and Design.

Current Students and Graduates

Are you looking for a full-time or part-time employee(s)? Centennial College has the right talent pool for you.
We offer over 250 comprehensive programs In the areas of Business, Engineering Technology and Applied Science, Health and Wellness, Child and Community Studies, Communications, Marketing, Media and Design, Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, and Transportation.

We offer the following services:

  • Advertisement and promotion of your job posting.
  • On-campus career fairs, recruitment events, and information sessions.
  • Funding for certifications/training, tools, and equipment necessary for employment*.
  • Subsidizing your hiring/training costs of new staff*.
  • Recruitment, pre-screening and shortlisting applicants to meet your job specific criteria.

(“where job seekers ore eligible)

Student Collaborations for Industry Solutions

Capstone Projects

Capstone projects require students to work in teams to design, implement, and document an application or a component for a business problem. These projects require Centennial students to conduct research on the subject, think critically, solve challenging problems, design and create the final product. Students are expected to demonstrate their products or findings, and give an oral presentation on the project to a panel of teachers, experts, and community members who collectively evaluate its quality.


Are you interested in providing coaching and mentorship to students while tackling a business challenge or project? Then Storyworks could be the right solution for your organization. Storyworks is a course included in every program from The School of Communications, Media, Arts, and Design (SCMAD). It provides students with real-world experience and mentorship within the context of a classroom setting. These projects allow students within the creative industries to support businesses with a variety of needs including, but not limited to, website content design, technical writing, video production, social media, creating public relations campaigns, curating exhibits, and creating amazing digital effects.

Research and Innovation Solutions

Applied Research & Innovation at Centennial College bridges the expertise of Centennial’s diverse and highly-skilled faculty, staff and students to help businesses find innovative solutions through researching and developing new products and processes, as well as improving those already in place.

Our Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare (WIMTACH) at Centennial provides a unique proposition of a mobile, wearable, and interactive research facility and field-based usability testing framework. It brings together proven multi-disciplinary faculty experience, diversity and depth of students, state-of-the-art facilities across four Centennial campuses, international reach, robust project management, and an extensive innovation ecosystem to benefit Canada’s health technologies industry. WIMTACH offers the following services:

Technical and Business Services

  • Design services.
  • Concept ideation & design review.
  • Technology & workflow consultation.
  • Business development & market research services.
  • Competitive market analysis.
  • Digital media & web solutions.
  • Field trials/simulation.
  • Project management.

Applied Research and Development

  • Corporate on-site & in-house training
  • Interactive workshop sessions

Applied Research and Development

  • Concept validation.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Product design & development.
  • Product re-design & improvement.
  • 3D design & rapid prototyping.
  • Pre-commercialization 3D printing services.
  • Technology validation and transfer.
  • Provincial and federal grant proposal development.
  • Regulatory research in health.

Technology Diffusion

  • Open houses for testing facility & personnel.
  • Networking events.
  • Rental of space & equipment.
  • Industry-specific events & symposia .

Give to Centennial College

With your generosity, you can provide students access to leading-edge education at Centennial. Our renowned programs provide innovative and real-world skills that position graduates for career success within a global economy.

There are many ways to provide your support, including:

  • One-time donations
  • Monthly giving
  • Corporate matching & alumni engagement programs
  • Gifts-in-kind

Funding Opportunities

Centennial College provides assistance to industry partners in identifying relevant funds and grants as per their project needs and also in the development of funding applications. Utilizing our database that includes grants provided by all levels of government, organizations, foundations and government agencies, we identity the most relevant grant that fit the needs of your project. We also provide assistance in writing the funding application for your project for the identified grant.

Corporate Training & Professional Development

Teaching Opportunities

Share your industry expertise with our students as a contract faculty in the following areas:

  • Higher Learning and Education program.
  • The Business School.
  • School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science.
  • School of Community and Health Studies.
  • School of Communications, Media Arts and Design.
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.
  • School of Transportation.
  • School of Advancement.
  • Part-time and Online Learning

Develop Inclusive Practices and Global Perspectives

Globally Networked Learning Projects: Connects faculty and students with international educational and business partners around the world through digital technology to engage in global learning within the classroom. Centennial College partners with community organizations that host our students as volunteers (such as, an NGO that runs leadership programs for young children in Jamaica, a small coffee farm in Brazil where our students will help out during harvest).

Equity and Inclusion Specialist Program: Centennial College invites industry organizations across all sectors to educate our students, faculty and staff on equitable and inclusive practices. Programs are created to support organizations with the implementation of these practices in the workplace. This comprehensive program will further provide employees with knowledge, tools, and resources to effectively respond to and integrate equitable practices that reduce systemic barriers and further build inclusion. (Guest speaking)

Workplace Accessibility: The College works collaboratively with industry partners to share strategies, resources and relevant tools that allow for a smooth transition for students with disabilities as well as assist employers at every stage of the employment continuum.

Business Start-up and Scale-up Solutions

General Consulting

Centennial College provides organizations with comprehensive business consulting services. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of business across multiple sectors and they are dedicated to assist you with your specific business needs.

The consulting service begins with a free personal consultation to determine what you require and how we can support you in your business development We design a package of services and projects that ensure you take advantage of our resources, without spending time (and money) in areas that are not relevant to you.

Soft Landing Program

The Soft Landing Program (SLP) is an independent program offered at Centennial College with support from RBC Foundation to assist the growth of entrepreneurial activities under defined criteria. We assist any domestic or foreign company that fulfills its eligibility criteria to initiate business globally (outbound) and or set up business in Canada (inbound). We also assist in linking these companies to Venture Capitalists, Angels, Incubators, Accelerators, and other funding sources, both in Canada and overseas.

Soft Landing Program Business Innovation and Growth

Grow your business and increase your profitability with our Business Innovation and Growth Program, with support from the National Research Council of Canada – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

Applications for this program are now being accepted from all eligible small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in order to assist you through Innovation and Productivity Services at Centennial College

Business Boot Camp

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to accelerate your business growth and market to your clients more effectively? Are you looking for practical tools and on-site advice to move your business forward? Do you want to network with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to be successful? .

Centennial’s award-winning Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) has developed an intensive two-day Business Boot Camp to help lead entrepreneurs towards a realistic and sustainable business model. At CoE’s Business Boot Camp you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about and use the widely accepted Lean Canvas Business Model.
  • Identify your ideal customer.
  • Discover where the market is and what the customer wants.
  • Refine your message to your customer.
  • Create a Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • Determine a lead generation strategy.
  • Develop an effective five-minute business pitch.
  • Create goals and an action plan.
  • Leave with practical tools and materials designed to support your business operations.

Program Advising

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the College’s programs through identifying industry trends, needs, and opportunities to ensure program relevancy and competitiveness.

Your active participation in Centennial College’s PACs can:

  • Help build program quality and reputation, and ensure students are well prepared to contribute materially to industry.
  • Advancement and success.
  • Enhance student learning and satisfaction.
  • Instill programs with relevant learning and training beneficial to industry practice Connect your company or organization with Centennial students and graduates.

Guest Speaking and Mentorship Opportunities

Centennial offers a number of opportunities to:

  • Speak to our students about career development and/or industry trends
    • Career Hackathons: share your industry expertise, insight and tips and tricks with our students who are looking to enter the workforce.
    • 10 Thousand Coffees: Connect in-person or online to share your experience, insights and advice for our students looking to enter the workforce over a cup of coffee.
    • Design Jam: is a 16-week internship program for recent graduates to work in cross-disciplinary teams to solve industry challenges, including yours! Graduates gain industry experience and develop essential workplace and leadership skills with the guidance of industry mentors and employment advisors.
  • Speak at one of Centennial College’s events for its staff and faculty.
  • Speak to our Solo. partners at an industry networking event.

Networking Opportunities

Solv. Sector Sessions

Solv. Sector Sessions bring together industry experts, Centennial College staff, and students to discuss cross-sectoral topics (such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, advanced manufacturing, etc.) that will impact the future landscape of multiple industries. By participating in Solo. Sector Sessions, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Advance your professional development.
  • Engage in B2B networking across sectors.
  • Partner on College projects with other leading experts.
  • Share expertise with students, staff and faculty to inform the College’s strategic direction.

International Partnerships

Centennial College connects our international industry partners with Centennial’s globally-minded students from across disciplines through innovative internships and applied research opportunities. We foster experiential learning by harnessing industry collaborations that allow companies to benefit from our world-class talent in solving real-world problems in a global setting. We are also able to connect you with our growing network of domestic and international organizations to facilitate new partnership opportunities.

Centennial offers a number of Global Experience programs in collaboration with academic and industry partners, including:

Exchange Program

The Exchange Program allows students to spend one semester studying abroad at one of Centennial's partner institutions around the world. Students will take courses that are relevant to their academic program at Centennial in order to earn credits upon successful completion at the host institution.

Short International Program

The Short International Programs are short-term (two-to six-week long international opportunities where students can learn a new language or take an intensive academic course at one of Centennial's partner institutions around the world. These programs are a great alternative for students unable to pursue semester-long opportunities.

International Internship Program

Through Centennial's International Internship Program, students are placed in workplaces directly related to their field of study for 2-4 months. Students can earn placement or co-op credit for their program upon successful completion of their international internship and gain valuable hands-on experience in an international context. While internships are unpaid, students are eligible for a bursary through Centennial College to offset travel and accommodation expenses while abroad.

Applied Research Abroad Program (ARAP)

ARAP is a 4-month program that provides students with an opportunity to contribute to an applied research project under the supervision of a Centennial faculty member and industry mentor. Projects may be 'isolated' or part of a larger initiative that involves exploring new products, markets, technologies or commercialization opportunities. Although the work associated with the ARAP lasts for 4 months, students may only spend 2-3 weeks abroad.

Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Experience (GCELE)

GCELEs are 10-14 day service learning projects that help prepare students to be leaders of positive social change in our interconnected world through partnering with industry leaders who are invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. GCELEs allow our students and faculty to participate in meaningful projects allowing them to develop their competencies for learning teaching and working that value diversity and difference, and embrace and promote equity and inclusion amongst the College community.

Faculty-Led International Program (FLIP)

The Faculty-Led International Program allows students from a particular academic program to gain firsthand experience and knowledge relevant to their field in an international context FLIPS are developed working closely with faculty in order to develop academic content, and in partnership with academic and industry partners for the in-country experiential learning. FLIPS are incorporated into existing courses and students will earn credit towards a course upon successful completion. There are many ways to provide your support, Including: • Provide students a chance to visit or tour your company. • Engage students to work on a short-term project for your organization. • Provide students with a chance to job shadow.

Conferences and Competitions

Students attending a conference or competition abroad are encouraged to contact the Services and Global Experience team for pre-departure support and funding.