Research and Innovation Solutions

Applied Research Projects

Applied Research & Innovation at Centennial College bridges the expertise of Centennial’s diverse and highly-skilled faculty, staff and students to help businesses find innovative solutions through researching and developing new products and processes, as well as improving those already in place.

Our Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare (WIMTACH) at Centennial provides a unique proposition of a mobile, wearable, and interactive research facility and field-based usability testing framework. It brings together proven multi-disciplinary faculty experience, diversity and depth of students, state-of-the-art facilities across four Centennial campuses, international reach, robust project management, and an extensive innovation ecosystem to benefit Canada’s health technologies industry.

WIMTACH offers the following services:

1) Technical and Business Services

  • Design services
  • Concept ideation & design review
  • Technology & workflow consultation
  • Business development & market research services
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Digital media & web solutions
  • Field trials/simulation
  • Project management

2) Applied Research and Development

  • Concept validation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Product design & development
  • Product re-design & improvement
  • 3D design & rapid prototyping
  • Pre-commercialization 3D printing services
  • Technology validation and transfer
  • Provincial and federal grant proposal development
  • Regulatory research in health

3) Training

  • Corporate on-site & in-house training
  • Interactive workshop sessions

4) Technology Diffusion

  • Open houses for testing facility & personnel
  • Networking events
  • Rental of space & equipment
  • Industry-specific events & symposia
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