International Partnerships

Centennial College connects our international industry partners with Centennial’s globally-minded students from across disciplines through innovative internships and applied research opportunities. We foster experiential learning by harnessing industry collaborations that allow companies to benefit from our world-class talent solving real-world problems in a global setting. We are also able to connect you with our growing network of domestic and international organizations to facilitate new partnership opportunities.

Centennial offers a number of Global Experience programs in collaboration with academic and industry partners, including:


Exchange Program

The Exchange Program allows students to spend one semester studying abroad at one of Centennial’s partner institutions around the world. Students will take courses that are relevant to their academic program at Centennial in order to earn credits upon successful completion at the host institution.


Short International Program

The Short International Programs are short-term (two- to six-week long) international opportunities where students can learn a new language or take an intensive academic course at one of Centennial’s partner institutions around the world. These programs are a great alternative for students unable to pursue semester-long opportunities.


International Internship Program

Through Centennial’s International Internship Program, students are placed in workplaces directly related to their field of study for 2-4 months. Students can earn placement or co-op credit for their program upon successful completion of their international internship and gain valuable hands-on experience in an international context.

While internships are unpaid, students are eligible for a bursary through Centennial College to offset travel and accommodation expenses while abroad.


Applied Research Abroad Program (ARAP)

ARAP is a 4-month program that provides students with an opportunity to contribute to an applied research project under the supervision of a Centennial faculty member and industry mentor. Projects may be ‘isolated’ or part of a larger initiative that involves exploring new products, markets, technologies or commercialization opportunities.

Although the work associated with the ARAP lasts for 4 months, students may only spend 2-3 weeks abroad.


Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Experience (GCELE)

GCELEs are 10-14 day service learning projects that help prepare students to be leaders of positive social change in our interconnected world through partnering with industry leaders who are invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

GCELEs allow our students and faculty to participate in meaningful projects allowing them to develop their competencies for learning, teaching and working that value diversity and difference, and embrace and promote equity and inclusion amongst the College community.


Faculty-Led International Program (FLIP)

The Faculty-Led International Program allows students from a particular academic program to gain first-hand experience and knowledge relevant to their field in an international context. FLIPs are developed working closely with faculty in order to develop academic content, and in partnership with academic and industry partners for the in-country experiential learning.

FLIPs are incorporated into existing courses and students will earn credit towards a course upon successful completion.

There are many ways to provide your support, including:

  • Provide students a chance to visit or tour your company
  • Engage students to work on a short-term project for your organization
  • Provide students with a chance to job shadow or a mini-internship experience

Conferences and Competitions

Students attending a conference or competition abroad are encouraged to contact the Services and Global Experience team for pre-departure support and funding.

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